Data-Driven Investment Advice & Research.

Is your financial advisor still stock-picking like it's 1989? Time for a new approach.

Investment Advisory & Research

For corporations, pension & retirement plans, committees, institutions, and individual clients.
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Why choose us?

Here is what we are doing different from your current advisor.
Features :
Analytics-driven investment advice
No proprietary products
Tax-optimized strategies
Grounded in data science
Independent advice
Works with custodian of your choice
Other Advisors
Features :
Arbitrary "stock picking"
Sell proprietary products
No tax optimization
Grounded in product sales
Not independent
Single custodial affiliation
How it works

Our Process

Meet with an Investment Advisor

Meet with our team for a comprehensive financial plan and review of current investment portfolio.


Our team of CPAs, Investment Advisors, and Data Scientists apply analytics to optimize your portfolio and financial life to: mitigate taxes, optimize portfolio risk/return, and align strategy with your goals.

Portfolio Management

Leave your investments at the financial institution of your choosing. We actively manage your holdings on an on-going basis

Quarterly Review

We meeting quarterly to review rates of return, progress toward financial goals/milestones, and to discuss strategy.


We interface directly with CPAs for tax strategy, Attorneys for estate planning, and other advisors to make sure your entire financial life is coordinated and optimized.


Our reporting software helps you monitor your entire financial life on one easy to use platform.
Aggregates investment portfolios across accounts and banks
Household and account level returns, benchmarks, and stats
Live account access and monitoring through custodial bank
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What we do different

Active investment portfolio management by our team of investment advisors.

Tax Optimization

Leveraging our expertise in tax, our investment advisors interface with our team of CPAs to manage the tax efficiency of your portfolio and distribution strategy.

Active Management

We don't believe in buy-and-hold forever investment strategies. We actively manage your investments based on macro-data and analytics.

Alternative Investments

At CDS we integrate alternative investments into allocations where appropriate. Our clients have access to private equity, structured notes, private real estate, and more.