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We are Data Scientists, CPAs, Investment Advisors, and Business Consultants, passionate about applying analytics financial data.

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powering analytics-driven investment insights and strategies for plan sponsors, financial institutions, and other investors.
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We believe the future of capital is going to be powered by data, and our mission is to unlock the power of analytics for all (regardless of portfolio size).

Data science is permeating across industries, especially with the recent advancements in A.I. and machine learning. Analytics are increasingly being leveraged to guide the investment processes for institutions, yet retail investors are left to rely on stodgy stock brokers and tired wirehouse firms.
At Capital Data Science we seek to bring the power of analytic-driven investment management to all, regardless of portfolio size or net worth. We want to change how you invest and plan for your financial goals, and it all starts with the power of data.
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Award-Winning Service

We take pride in offering exceptional service to our clients.
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What sets us apart

At Capital Data Science we believe the future of capital markets will be analytics-driven, and we want to be at the forefront of this transition.
Independent and unbiased advice
Among the first companies to fully integrate analytics and finance
Connect the custodians, technology, and providers you already use

Strategic Partnerships

We partner and work with some of the largest financial institutions and technology providers so our clients have access to best-in-class resources.
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Plan Custody
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Charles Schwab

Plan Custody
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Goldman Sachs

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Plan Custody
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Alternative Investments
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Alternative Investments
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Alternative Investments
Key Features


CPAs, Investment Advisors, Data Scientists, and Consultants working together to solve complex issues.

Delivering Change

Expertise beyond accounting & capital markets: we also help clients optimize operations and strategy.


At Capital Data Science we deploy a data-centric decision making process in everything we do.


Key to understanding data is the ability to visualize findings, from dashboards to reports we leverage visualization technology to share results.

Provider Connections

We integrate with most financial institutions and providers in the United States, keep your assets where they are and receive independent oversight from CDS.

Our People

In addition to having domain expertise, we focus on hiring professionals who are passionate about solving problems and providing excellent client service.

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